The physical computing course uses the Raspberry Pi microcomputer to cover the basics of computer programming and the ability to connect different hardware components to prepare students for STEM projects. An example would be students coding light patterns on marquee style block of lights connected to the Raspberry Pi.

During the session these students had the opportunity experience electrical engineering by connecting a Raspberry Pi microcomputer to a CAMJam Kit breadboard by wiring the two devices together. While also installing resistors, and red, green, & yellow lights to the breadboard. Once the students completed wiring the two devices together they connected the Raspberry Pi to a monitor, keyboard, and mouse.

After it was safely connected the students then were able to connect power to the Pi and proceed to use Python programming to complete the project. Once they completed the code which dictates how the Pi provides power to the breadboard, to each light, and when to halt from sending electrical current the results would be the red, yellow, and green lights to power on. The students really enjoyed the training and started making adjustments to the Python code to direct the lights to do different things such as blink in sequence.These students are our inspiration to do what we do.

BDPAHSV will be at the Harvest Youth Club most Friday afternoon’s from 4:30-6:30PM. For more information contact Bernard Nealy by email at nealysr@yahoo.com.