STEM Training Workshop with Huntsville Young Men

The Huntsville chapter of BDPA continued their collaboration with the Huntsville chapter of 100 Black Men by teaching a STEM workshop. Chapter members taught several teenaged boys about electronic circuit wiring. The two-part STEM workshop is presented by BDPA Board Member Bernard Nealy who is also the owner of Vision Tech Alliance. The workshop is designed as an introduction to building devices with a Raspberry Pi microcomputer. The children worked in small teams to wire an LED display, using a Raspberry Pi as a controller. In the second part of the workshop, the children will write code using the Python programming language to create an LED light show.

STEM Training Workshop with Huntsville Young Men

Member Spotlight – Claudia Williams

Where did you attend college? Alabama A&M University- Degree in Computer and Information Sciences

Do you have any certifications? CISSP, CEH, CISM, ITIL Foundations, SEC +

What kind of work do you do? Currently a Information Technology Cybersecurity Analyst

How long have you been in technology field? 35+ years of experience in this field 

When asked about her what made her interested in technology: Claudia said that she has always liked math, numbers, and puzzles. She didn’t know what Computer Science was when she was younger but knew that she had an interest in technology.

When asked what her next achievement was: Ms. Williams enthusiastically replied: The ultimate goal is to retire!!!

When asked about What brought Claudia to BDPA? She replied that being involved with BDPA would allow her to reach African American females and help bring them the exposure needed to women and people that looked like her working in STEM related fields.

What is some advice that you would give to younger people interested in STEM? I would advise them to take advantage of ALL opportunities to train, intern, and network. TAKE EVERY CHANCE YOU GET TO BE INVOLVED AND LEARN!

FAVORITE QUOTE: Tell me, I’ll forget; show me I’ll remember; involve me, I’ll understand. She heard the quote once and it has stuck with her since.

As a final thought Claudia wants readers to know that “She knows her strength comes from God”

Claudia has been a member of the Huntsville chapter of BDPA since 2017 and serves on the executive board as the financial secretary.

BDPA Huntsville – Intro To Physical Computing at the Harvest Youth Club

The physical computing course uses the Raspberry Pi microcomputer to cover the basics of computer programming and the ability to connect different hardware components to prepare students for STEM projects. An example would be students coding light patterns on marquee style block of lights connected to the Raspberry Pi.

BDPAHSV will be at the Harvest Youth Club most Friday afternoon’s from 4:30-6:30PM.