On September 28th, 2019 the Huntsville chapter of BDPA provided a STEM workshop for returning and new students at Mae Jemison High School. First time students to the workshop had the opportunity experience electrical engineering by connecting a Raspberry Pi microcomputer to a CAMJam Kit breadboard by wiring the two devices together. While also installing resistors, and red, green, & yellow lights to the breadboard. Once the students completed wiring the two devices together they connected the Raspberry Pi to a monitor, keyboard, and mouse. After it was safely connected the students then were able to connect power to the Pi and proceed to use Python programming to complete the project. Once they completed the code which dictates how the Pi provides power to the breadboard, to each light, and when to halt from sending electrical current the results would be the red, yellow, and green lights to power on.

Returning students were challenged with the same project but given the opportunity to customize the sequence, duration, and frequency. The students accepted and exceeded the challenge successfully. BDPA Huntsville trainers Bernard Nealy, Andre May, Patricia King, and John Greer were very pleased with the trainees and their abilities to fully grasp the lessons. BDPAHSV is slated to continue training sessions at Jemison for the remainder of the year. For more information please contact Patricia King at plynne.king@gmail.com.