BDPAHSV Member Spotlights is a monthly interview with one of the members to spotlight there achievements, hobbies, and goals. For the month of November the Member Spotlight is Jason Bradshaw.

Jason Bradshaw was born in Los Angeles, California and raised in Selma, Alabama.

He became interested in information technology back in the late 80’s when his mom got him a V-Tech computer which sparked his interest.

The thing that he likes about information technology is that it is broad but in the end it all comes down to the same basic principles of zeros and ones.

His current goals are to obtain his CASP certification and to help BDPA create a legacy that his children can become a part of.

Jason’s hobbies are web and graphic design, playing madden football, chess, and following the Pittsburgh Steelers.

He completed semester hours at Alabama state University and obtained his Associates Degree from Virginia Collage of Birmingham in Network Engineering.

Closing thoughts: “Without struggle, there is no progress” by Fredrick Douglas

Jason has chosen Rosalind McCullough as the next member spotlight.